Blended & Remote Learning


Blended and Remote Learning

It is change aplenty this year in Coláiste Choilm as we move to a ‘blended learning’ approach. Put simply, ‘blended learning’ is an approach that combines face-to-face AND online learning experiences for the student. There will be a big emphasis on the use of MS Office for this. All students are provided with MS Office user accounts by the school. This new approach will be tailored to the student meaning they will not be expected to buy any additional specific device. Instead, they will be shown how to submit their homework and assignments using any existing phone, tablet, laptop or home computer they may have. Initial teacher training has begun in MS Teams and MS Class Notebook (OneNote) which will facilitate this, with student training to follow thereafter. This is an exciting, yet considerable undertaking for our school community, one that will take patience, cooperation and understanding from all.

All of the following resources will help with the transition to Blended Learning and indeed with Remote Learning in the event of a Government directed school closure.

Guidelines for Students & Teachers

Please click here or on the icon below to view our guidelines on remote learning for Remote Learning


Getting started with MS Teams

Please click here or on the icon below to view a PDF on how to get started with MS Teams.

PLEASE NOTE that we use a combination of MS Teams and MS OneNote when students submit their work for correction by teacher using a stylus pen. This is a slightly different approach to the one outlined in this PDF by Microsoft. Please see further resources below outlining the steps we would like students to take for submitting their work.


MS Teams Demo for Parents & Guardians

As per our recent survey, please see below, a quick demonstration video on how to use the various functions of MS Teams.

Also, as per our survey, please see our response to some of the issues raised by parents & guardians by clicking here or on the icon below.


Submitting work for correction using MS Teams & MS OneNote

Please click here or on the icon below to view a PDF on how students should submit homework to their teachers using MS Teams and the Class Notebook (OneNote). Teachers have begun and will continue to go through this process with the students over the coming weeks.


Submitting your homework via MS Teams & MS OneNote

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