India Project

India Project

The India Immersion Project has taken place in Coláiste Choilm since the year 2000. It was set up by the Christian Brothers and was originally named the Edmund Rice Project. It allows students an opportunity to experience the lives and cultures of other people around the world who also attend Christian Brothers schools. Coláiste Choilm Tullamore is twinned with a school in Mumbai named Our Lady of Salvation High School, Dadar.

The tenth project took place in March 2023. Fifteen students, two past participants from the programme and four teachers travelled to Mumbai. They experienced a unique trip where they stayed in Our Lady of Salvation High School and also in the Don Bosco High School which is run by Salesians Priests.

The group assisted with various outreach programmes and charity organisations during the course of their stay in Mumbai in what was a once in a lifetime experience. Over two weeks, the group worked with underprivileged students in shelters including:

  • Working with children of the Don Bosco shelters that include the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Lonavla.
  • Working with the less fortunate in Mother Theresa Centre, Ashadan.

A huge fundraising effort was undertaken at the end of last year and over €30,000 was raised

Below is an extract from a piece written by 5th Year student Dillon Coyne about his experience:

I don’t think I will be able to do the India Immersion Project true justice, as it is truly a one of a kind experience in all aspects. Emotionally, physically, mentally and more. But here it goes. There are many different things you gain from the India Immersion Project, whether that be immersing yourself in the amazing culture of India, working with the older of those in need which gives you an entirely new perspective on life or helping out at the many different parts of Don Bosco’s Legacy, from the Highschool, the Shelter and Don Bosco Lunaval.

Everyone loves to dance, from the homeless girls, to the shelter boys even to the men and women living in the Grace Foundation, they all have one thing in common. They love to perform and watch us perform.

The team that was brought to India was perfect. Everyone had their own amazingness they brought to the team. I believe this just goes to show how careful and caring the teachers are with the selection process. Everyone played a pivotal role, from music, to sport and much, much more.

Overall, the India Immersion Project is a once in a lifetime experience, but only some people could handle it, emotionally and physically. It isn’t a walk in the park, but nothing ever is. It is great team building as it builds a bond and connection that could not be created in a classroom. It is almost a comradery type friendship, moving forward we will all have that with one another. Saying goodbye is the worst part, as I left the Don Bosco shelter almost in tears. India really can change your perspective on life, as you almost see all the types of people who suffer in different ways. Although you may only be there two weeks, the effect you have can last them a long time.

India Project 2020 Video

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